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Ultrasonic Testing

Modern and Viable

The use of ultrasonic equipment is a modern and viable means of testing for watertight integrity. Atlas offers you ultrasonic inspection instrumentation and constant monitoring systems that will save you time, cost and risk, across level, seal, thickness, flow and acoustics.Our products focus on liquid level indication, seal integrity, flow rate monitoring, thickness gauging, and bearing indication. We carry handheld, reliable, accurate portable inspection products as well as constant liquid level monitoring systems.

Fundamental Science, Constant Innovation, New Products

With constant improvement and creation, we have several new launches a year to assist in our customers’ success. Our new Portascanner® COVID-19 reduces the spread of airborne disease (COVID-19) by inspecting rooms for leaks. It locates leaks in hospital wards, quantifies the leaks in regard to their cross-sectional area.  It calculates the air flow rate through them. This generates an air permeability value for an entire ICU Ward which the user can compare against the required value for negative pressurisation.

We have also launched our first integrated Level – Flow – Pressure Range of Portasonic® 2.FL0 ultrasonic handheld flow meter, Portatank® handheld ultrasonics tank level indicator, Portasonic® CALCULATOR handheld flow to pressure tablet-based calculator and Permaflow® constant flow monitoring system.

Precise and Accurate

We give you better – faster – cheaper solutions compared to traditional methods.
Embed the safety culture, hear the sounds that others cannot hear.

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