Tyco System Ancillaries

Trusted and reliable system ancillaries to complement your needs

We offer a wide range of Fire Detection, Alarm and Building Infrastructure System Ancillaries to be used in conjunction with systems. All system ancillaries, whether Tyco-manufactured or supplied by our partners, are trusted and reliable to complement your systems.

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Sealed Lead Acid Batteries


There are a wide range of batteries available for use with the Marine range of products and systems.

Order Code:

  • PS-12120 12V 12A/H SLA Battery
  • PS-12170 12V 17A/H SLA Battery
  • PS-1221 12V 2.1A/H SLA Battery
  • PS-12260 POW 12V 26A/H SLA Battery
  • PS-1230 12V 3.0A/H SLA Battery
  • PS-12380 12V 38A/H SLA Battery
  • PS-12650 12V 65A/H SLA Battery
  • PS-1270 12V 7.0A/H SLA Battery
  • PS-6100 6V 10.0A/H SLA Battery



There is a wide range of cabling available for use with the MZX range of products and systems including DÄTWYLER Lifeline cable.

                                               Door Release Units


We supply a range of door release units. These are available as standard magnetic release units or can be more specialised for applications such as roller shutter doors.

The range encompasses 2 metal housed wall mounted magnets, 2 fire resistant ABS housed wall mounted magnets and one floor mount metal housed unit.


  • High quality Cost Effective package
  • Integral manual release button
  • Slimline ABS housed units
  • Floor Mount bracket suitable for all wall mounted magnets
  • Zero residual force electro-magnets
  • Robust Cast Aluminium floor mounted unit.


Order code:

  • 3-59-0404-S001 Door Magnet Wall Mt Metal 24V
  • 3-59-0404-S002 Door Mag Wall Mt Metal 240VAC
  • 3-84-0301 Door magnet, Floor Mount 24V
  • 3-87-0351 Door magnet Wall Mnt ABS 24V
  • 3-87-0352 Door magnet Wall Mnt ABS 230V

                                               Power Supplies


We supply a number of different power supply units for use with the Marine range of products and systems.

Order code:

  • VPS-220-STX-SLV 0.5A 7-14AH PSU – STX Silver
  • VPS-250-STX 2A 12-24AH PSU – STX Black
  • VPS-250-STX-SLV 2A 12-24AH PSU – STX Silver
  • 557.202.210 PSU830 Power Supply Module



We offer a range of relays and associated housings for use with the Marine range of control panels and ancillaries.

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