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Emergency Management System for the Global Marine Business

Specifically designed to present alarm information clearly and precisely,
to speed up response times and ensure that the most appropriate response decisions are made.

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We are riding a wave in Emergency Management Systems for the international marine business.

We enable better emergency response so that crew members can immediately see what is happening and plan their response from multiple locations on board the vessel.


TXG is based on a Tyco graphical alarm monitoring system that has been installed on hundreds of large fire detection and alarm monitoring systems around the world and offers the ability to integrate all Fire Panels with MZX technology.

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MXZ Technology Networks allow MZX fire controllers to be drawn into a network system. Because every installation is different, MXZ Technology Networks have been designed to be highly flexible, allowing for a wide range of different systems applications.

With a large network system the amount of data and information passing between fire controllers can become high during an emergency condition.

The MZX Technology Network communication protocol has been specifically designed with this in mind and ensures that each event message passed around the network is acknowledged by the receiving controller in the fastest possible time.

  • TLI 800 Network PCB

  • TLO-530 Fibre Optic Interface

  • TLD-530 Line Driver Interface


The CCUNet range of products provide fire network amalgamation for various differing fire networks. Rapid and effective monitoring and control is provided via multi-drop secure terminals. CCUNet is a multi-point, point to point network, meaning that different data can be simultaneously transmitted between points on the network. The network is designed in a way such that all network segments transmit and receive simultaneously – greatly increasing the capacity of the network. Each CCUNet node has routing and packet processing capability. This allows:โ€“ Network segment failure isolationโ€“ Fast data transfer via routing tablesโ€“ Multi-star and multi-loop support.

The CCU3 is a high quality, high end communication network product that may be used in Life Safety systems. Several isolated communication ports are capable of implementing various communication Data Link Layer protocols. It has a supervised input for network alarm annunciation even in the event of CCU3 software and/or processor failure.

The CCU range of products have been developed over many years and are in use in a wide variety of applications within a large number of sites. Primarily they are used for networking of fire panels, normally to one (or more) centralised locations. As a secondary function, they are well suited as interfacing points for a wide variety of third party equipment and protocols. The existing CCU hardware products (CCU1, CCU2) can be described as individual hardware boards which satisfy each physical protocol. The CCU range of products are suited to star, ring and combinatorial topology networks. The CCU3 unites the individual features of the CCU1 and CCU2 into one superior life safety communication product.

Order Code:

  • 557.202.514 CCU3/C422E-TPI

  • 557.180.243 CCU3/485/TNMB1 TNET/MODBUS

  • 557.201.504 CCU3/C-MXMB MOUNTING PLATE

BACnet is an industry standard communications protocol for building automation and control networks. It was designed to allow communication of building automation and control systems for applications such as heating, ventilating, and airconditioning control, lighting control, access control, and fire detection systems and their associated equipment. The BACnet protocol provides mechanisms for computerised building automation devices to exchange information, regardless of the particular building service they perform.

BACnet can be provided from a stand-alone MZX Technology panel or from an MZX Technology network via the UC-8112-LX BACnet converter. The UC-8112-LX BACnet converter is a mini RISC-based embedded computer which converts fire data to the BACnet communications protocol. The converter needs special firmware that is simply uploaded from a PC.

Order code:

  • 96160183 UC-8112-LX BACnet i/f MZXTec

  • 557.202.082 BACnet UC-8112-ME-T-LX

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