Tyco Flame Detection

Tyco Flame Detection

FLAMEVision is a global brand from Tyco which is synonymous with innovative detection technologies in special hazard applications and hazardous areas.

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Fast Acting FLAMEVision – Minimising the effect of fire and improving life safety through detection with less disruption and downtime.

The FLAMEVision flame detectors use patented IR array and triple IR solar blind technologies to provide reliable and cost effective fire detection solutions. FLAMEVision can be trusted in high dependency situations where fast acting and accurate flame detection is essential. FLAMEVision detectors offer superior performance in all weather conditions and all lighting situations with the added benefit of fire event location information provided by the IR array.

FLAMEVision can protect all hydrocarbon risks in non-hazardous and classified hazardous explosive atmospheres. There is a wide range of system design options available including several monitoring and control interface types and integrated video camera for verification purposes. Installation and maintenance procedures are easy and efficient, minimising the lifetime cost of ownership and reducing the need for complex test equipment and high level operator training.

  • Reliability Choice of IR array or enhanced Triple IR solar blind technologies allow users to tailor their systems to provide reliable and fast fire detection.
  • Fast Acting FLAMEVision reacts to minimise the effect of fire and improve life safety through detection with less disruption and downtime.
  • Accuracy Event location information will pin point fire using the IR array to allow targeted shutdown and suppression.
  • Operator verification The optional built-in video camera assists operator verification and ensures optimum actions are taken. Additional benefit of post event analysis and to aid and verify alignment.
  • Optimum protection in all weather conditions FLAMEVision maintains sensitivity using the enhanced IR sensors through heavy rain, snow, fog and morning dew.
  • Hazardous explosive atmospheres FLAMEVision is approved for protection regardless of area classifications for all applications throughout the facility.
  • Reduced spares inventory and simpler maintenance Intrinsically safe, low cost and easy to use test equipment simplifies maintenance and reduces service costs. Universal mechanical mounting and cabling arrangements makes FLAMEVision installation friendly.
  • Easy integration FLAMEVision interconnects to site control and safety systems via a range of standard industrial interfaces.
  • Dynamic masking FLAMEVision maintains detection coverage even when a flame is part of the process being protected.
  • Complete piece of mind FLAMEVision detectors continually monitor all electronics and perform regular optical window tests
  • Triple IR solar blind sensing technology
  • Multiple Field Interfaces
  • Detection range: Up to 65m for 0.1m² n-heptane pan fire
  • Automatic optical path monitoring,
  • Integral flame simulation and remote walk test help reduce the on- going life time cost of the flame detection installation
  • Video verification via the integrated optional flameproof camera
  • 516.300.006 FV311S Infrared array flame detector 
  • 516.300.008 FV311SC Infrared array flame detector – PAL camera 
  • 516.300.007 FV311SC-N Infrared array flame detector – NTSC camera 
  • 516.300.411 FV411f Triple infrared flame detector
  • 516.300.412 FV412f Triple infrared flame detector with PAL camera
  • 516.300.413 FV413f Triple infrared flame detector with NTSC camera 
  • 516.300.421 FV421i Triple infrared flame intrinsically safe detector
  • 517.300.001 MB300 FLAMEVision mounting bracket
  • 517.300.002 WH300 FLAMEVision weather hood
  • 517.300.021 WT300 FLAMEVision walk test tool
  • 517.300.022 CTI300 FLAMEVision off-line configuration tool 
  • 517.300.024 CTI400 FLAMEVision off-line configuration tool
  • 517.300.006 MK300 FLAMEVision field spares kit 
  • 517.300.025 CTI420 FLAMEVision configuration tool kiT

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