Tyco Detector Test Equipment

Is your fire protection system ready to operate?

The best way to ensure your fire protection equipment and systems are ready when needed during a fire emergency, is by establishing a sound Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance.

It is important that ships and vessels have adequate fire protection and fire detection systems installed and that these systems are well maintained by licensed technicians. An impaired or poorly maintained fire protection system can have the same effect as not having a system at all, with an increased risk of a large, uncontrolled fire loss. A sound and robust Inspection, Testing and Maintenance program will ensure that your fire protection equipment and systems will operate as designed when they are needed the most, during a fire emergency.

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A range of fire detector test and service equipment
which are safe for both the engineer and system

  • 517.001.224 Solo704 Adaptor Tube B
  • 517.001.226 Solo101 Extension Pole 1.13m
  • 517.001.230 Solo 100 Telescopic Extension Pole
  • 517.001.237 Testifire Smoke Capsule (Pk6)
  • 517.001.238 Testifire Co Capsule (Pk6)
  • 517.001.240 Solo200 Detector Changer
  • 517.001.255 No Climb 330-007 Smoke Dispenser
  • 517.001.262 NCP CO Detector Test Gas
  • 517.001.264 Solo Test-Kit Carry/Store Bags
  • 517.001.273 Solo 770 Batton Battery
  • 517.001.274 Solo 727 Battery Charger
  • 517.001.275 Solo 108 Two Section Pole
  • 517.001.276 Testifire Smoke/Heat/Co Tester
  • 517.001.277 Solo Cordless Heat Det Tester
  • 517.001.278 Testifire Smoke & Heat Tester
  • 517.001.279 Solo A10s-001 250ml
  • 517.001.280 Solo A10-001 150ml

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