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Audio Visual Alarm Notification Solutions Engineered for the Eye and Ear

Fire detection systems are designed to discover fires early in their development when time will still be available for the safe evacuation of occupants. Early detection also plays a significant role in protecting the safety of emergency response personnel. 

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Notification appliances are the audible, visual, and other devices located throughout the facility to warn occupants when a system has detected a fire. Bells, sounders, horns, strobes, etc are examples of these devices. Fire alarm control panels often have features available that allow alarms to be activated in selected locations within the facility based upon the location of the detector that activates. This feature can be used to permit staged evacuations.


Bell remains the most commonly used alarm for fire evacuation systems. The range of bells includes solenoid and motorised bells.

Order Code:

  • 576.500.014 6″ 230Vac 50/60hz Red Solenoid Bell
  • 576.501.022.T 6″ Motorised Bell
  • 576.501.039.T 6″ Motorised Bell 24V 11ma
  • 576.501.040.A 8″ Motorised Bell
  • 576.501.044.T 8″ Motor Bell
  • 20-101 6“ 24V DC Electronic Bell

An ultra low profile alarm sounder for fire and security applications utilising all of the best features of the traditional Banshee plus an additional volume control fitted as standard. The low profile unit has been designed to complement new building interiors and is available in red or white.


  • Modern aesthetic design
  • 32 Selectable tones
  • 3 Volume settings
  • Push and twist mount
  • Shallow and deep bases
  • Available in red or white
  • Low current consumption
  • 2 Stage alarm available
  • Independently switched sounder or beacon
  • Xenon beacon with the Excel Lite

Order Code:

  • 576.501.060 Banshee Excel Red IP45 Sounder 
  • 576.501.061 Banshee Excel White IP45 Sounder
  • 576.501.062 Banshee Excel Red IP66 Sounder
  • 576.501.063 Banshee Excel Lite Red IP45

The 24Vdc Symphoni Sounder is a general purpose internal sounder, available either as a very high output sounder for noisy areas, or a high output low current sounder for applications where power is limited. Both versions share the same horn and backbox which has double cable entries for ease of installation. The low power version has 3 selectable tones which may be employed for one, two or three stage alarm applications. The high output version has 32 selectable tones and retains full tone compatibility with the Roshni, Squashni and Askari product ranges.

Order code:

  • 576.501.200 SY/R Fulleon Symphoni Red
  • 576.501.201 SY/W Fulleon Symphoni White
  • 8500043FULL-0043 Symphoni G1 LX Wall
  • 8500048FULL-0048 Symphoni G1 LX Wall WP

A flexible alarm sounder for Fire and Security applications complete with volume control and dil switch to provide 32 tones. Low profile Roshni with Deep base offers IP65 protection. All Roshni sounders have synchronised start for self-synchronisation without third wire. The Flashni Sounder Combined sounder and beacon, combines the features of the Roshni electronic sounder with a fully integrated Xenon beacon. These sounders are fully compatible with all Roshni tones, automatic sounder synchronisation. 

Order code: 

  • 576.501.220 Roshni Red L/P S/B ROLP/R/S
  • 576.501.221 Roshni White L/P S/B ROLP/W/S
  • 576.501.222 Roshni/Flashni Deep Base-Red
  • 576.501.223 Roshni/Flashni Deep Base-White
  • 576.501.224 Flashni Fl/Rl/R/S/24v/SW Red
  • 576.501.227 Flashni Red Deep Base Separate

This versatile range of sounders are ideally suited to fire, safety and security hazard warning applications.

Order code:

  • YA30/D/RF/WR Sounder YA30 100dB 24VDC P65
  • YA50/D/RF/WR Sounder YA50 110dB 24VDC IP65
  • YA80/D/RF/WR Sounder YA80 115dB 24VDC IP65

The Solista LED beacon brings the dual benefits of ultra-low current consumption and extremely long service life. Ideal for use in hotels, hostels and university accommodation, this 24Vdc LED Beacon can be used either on its own or in conjunction with the SAB801 (In addressable applications only).


  • Ultra Low Current – 3mA or 6mA at 24Vdc
  • High Reliability
  • Long Service Life
  • Bayonet Base Fitting
  • Low Profile Design
  • Environmental Protection to IP54
  • Supplied with Red lens, body and matching base
  • Minimal start-up surge

Order code:

  • 812005FULL-0107X Solista LX Wall RdBeacon Shallow
  • 812007FULL-0108X Solista LX Wall Beacon Shallow
  • 812008FULL-0109X Solista LX Wall Beacon Deep
  • 812020FULL-0121X Solista LX Beacon Ceiling White

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