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Complete Testing & Maintenance of all Smoke, Heat and CO Detectors.


Testing of Smoke, Heat & CO Detectors from One Device.


All your Test Kit, Including our New Short Poles, In a Sleek Compact Backpack.

A Single Testing System, A Complete Range of Tools.

A complete range of Solo test and maintenance detector testers equipment for smoke, heat and CO detectors.Available in economical and convenient kit formats. The contents of each are determined according to your individual testing needs.

Award Winning Testing TechnologyComplying With Codes and Standards

Solo is proud to be the market leader, designing solutions that make for fast, simple and effective testing of fire detectors. Guided by a set of six core values around the word SPIRIT, the company is always looking to challenge the norm and develop new solutions. Solo offers complete range of test and maintenance detector testers equipment for smoke, heat and CO detectors which are available in economical and convenient kit formats.

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Solo Detector Testing Kits

Solo offers you a variety of detector test kits, ranging from simple smoke test kits through to ultimate kits. These kits include tools for testing and removal of smoke, heat and CO detectors. They allow for ease of reliable detector testing in compliance with international codes and standards. Whichever kit you choose, you can be sure it will represent excellent value for money with complete kits significantly cheaper than buying individual products.

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Solo Smoke Detector Testers

Solo has several options for functional testing of smoke detectors.  The one you choose will depend on how frequently you are testing detectors, the height at which they are installed, other types of detector you are testing and what test equipment you already have. Each product is made to high standards, ensuring reliability and safety during testing.

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Solo Heat Detector Testers

Functional checking of heat detectors, with a genuine heat source, is now required by major national standards around the world. Testing with heat sources not designed for the purpose can be both dangerous and damaging. The Solo range of heat detector testing equipment, designed specifically for the purpose, provides a genuine professional’s solution.

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Solo CO Detector Testers

Just as smoke and heat detectors requires regular testing, the testing of carbon monoxide detectors is an important safety precaution. This ensures proper functioning of your detectors to alert you of any carbon monoxide emergencies. Trust in Solo’s carbon monoxide detector testers to provide reliability and safe testing.

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Testifire Multi-Sensor Detector Testers

The use of Testifire enables sequential or simultaneous testing of smoke, heat and CO sensors within a multi-sensor detector. This saves time and the need for separate test tool to test individual sensors. The all-in-one solution, Testifire 1000/1001 allows for smoke and heat testing – either sequentially or simultaneously. In addition to smoke and heat testing, the Testifire 2000/2001 allows for CO testing – again, sequentially or simultaneously.

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Solo Aspirating Smoke Detection (ASD) Testers

Detectors installed in hard-to-access locations need to be tested. Gaining access to them can be disruptive and required significant time and costs. Solo’s Scorpion range is your solution. It is ideal for lift shafts, ceiling voids, secure rooms and high atria.

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Solo Detector Removal

The Solo Detector Removal tool is a universal tool designed to help take down or insert detectors easily and safely. It is compatible for the removal and installation of a wide range of detectors. The tool features colour-coded heads that rotate and accommodate to the different sizes of various detectors. Prevent accidents during removal and insertion of detectors with the Solo Detector Removal Tool.

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Solo Access Poles

Access Pole offers safe access to detectors installed at heights. They save time, cost and disruption and reduce the risk and disruption posed by other access equipment such as ladders and scaffolding. The use of access pole ensures that fire alarm technicians are fully compliant with Safe Working at Height Regulations.

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ISO 9001 approved manufacture.