Solo Aspirating Smoke Detection (ASD Testing)

Testing Hard-To Access Smoke Detectors?

Scorpion is the solution for buildings with hard-to-access detectors. Suitable for both Point and Aspirating Smoke Detection (ASD) systems, Scorpion ensures all smoke detectors can be tested – regardless of location. Detectors in hard-to-access locations still need to be tested, and this can take not only additional time, but incur additional costs and personnel downtime. Scorpion suits a wide range of applications.

                                               Scorpion 2011 – Aspirating Smoke Detection System Tester

The Scorpion head unit is permanently mounted adjacent to a sampling point on an ASD system pipe – typically at the end of the run. Just one head unit is required for each pipe run – regardless of the number of sampling points.

  • Smoke tailored for functional testing of ASD systems

  • Adjustable smoke time to suit requirements of system under test

  • Suitable for Light Scatter, Particle Counting & Cloud Chamber technologies

  • Transport time function allows monitoring of on-going ASD system performance

  • Product Code: SCORP 2011-001

Hard-to-access smoke detectors are common in most buildings; Scorpion has therefore been adopted across a wide range of sites – in particular:

Military bases

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