Secure Communication Systems

Powering Connectivity

We redefine what it means to stay connected on the open waters. We drive operational excellence, crew welfare and safety to help you stay connected when it matters most. We strive to bring you unrivalled end-to-end satellite communications that you can rely on. At Atlas, we deliver a truly global service you can rely on voyage after voyage.

Carefully designed and manufactured for harsh maritime and offshore environments

Simple to install. Simple to commission. Simple to use.

Communication systems for various vessels types, oil and gas platforms and the energy market, our products have been carefully designed and manufactured for harsh maritime and offshore environments.

  • Command Intercom System

  • Batteryless Telephone System

  • Digital Integrated Communication System

  • Automatic Telephone Exchange

  • Marine Telephone and Accessories

  • Public Address and Alarm System

  • Hornspeakers and Signaling Equipment

  • Sound Reception System

  • Antenna Amplifier System

  • Wireless Paging System

  • Round Robin System

  • Bridge Navigation Watch Alarm System

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