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With cutting-edge technology and a vast experience in design, development and installation of cargo hold smoke detection systems, Safetec brings you its latest smoke detection system. It was no easy feat and was a great challenge to the coming-up of modern micro controller technology. However today, with Safetec’s commitment on excellent service all around the world, we bring to you the latest SDS for cargo hold with availability of type approvals from all major classification societies.

Fire Fighting Control Systems

Protecting your vessel from fire, at the same time saving money on maintenance.

Sample Extraction Smoke Detection System SDS-48

Sample Extraction Smoke Detection System SDS-48 according to IMO Rules, SOLAS Chapter II-2, Regulation 13-1 The smoke detection system SDS-48 is suitable for controlling up to 48 cargo holds. It uses the existing CO2 fire extinguishing pipe work through which air is continually sucked from the cargo hold. In the smoke detection system itself, the air which has been taken from the cargo hold is examined for smoke and blown out of the vessel by fans. The smoke detection system SDS-48 is explosion protected. For remote indication of fire alarms and faults a repeater panel must be installed in the wheelhouse. It will be connected to the smoke detection panel only by a 4-wire cable.

A typical smoke detection system consists of the following primary components:

  • A smoke detection panel with or without integrated connections for detection lines.

  • One or more repeater panels on the bridge or in the fire control room for remote display of alarms and fault warnings.

  • A fan unit for drawing air from the cargo holds. If needed: One or more extension panels for connecting additional detection lines.

  • If needed: A relay box with voltage-free contacts for a fire alarm for each individual detection line.

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Components in Smoke Detection Panel

General System Arrangement


SDS-48 Basic Components

SDS02.100 | Smoke Detection Panel 0-Line, SDS-0, 220/230V

SDS02.104 | Smoke Detection Panel 4-Line, SDS-4, 220/230V

SDS02.108 | Smoke Detection Panel 8-Line, SDS-8, 220/230V

SDS02.112 | Smoke Detection Panel 12-Line, SDS-12,220/230V

SDS02.120 | Smoke Detection Panel, 0-Line, SDS-0,110/115V 

SDS02.124 | Smoke Detection Panel 4-Line, SDS-4,110/115V

SDS02.128 | Smoke Detection Panel 8-Line, SDS-8,110/115V

SDS02.132 | Smoke Detection Panel 12-Line, SDS-12,110/115V

SDS02.204 | Extension Panel 4-Line, SDS-E4

SDS02.208 | Extension Panel 8-Line, SDS-E8

SDS02.212 | Extension Panel 12-Line, SDS-E12

SDS02.216 | Extension Panel 16-Line, SDS-E16

SDS02.300 | Repeater Panel for Wall Mounting, SDS-R48/G

SDS02.301 | Repeater Panel for Console Mounting, SDS-R48/P

SDS02.440 | Fan Unit SDS0440, 220/230V,50/60Hz

SDS02.441 | Fan Unit SDS0441, 110/115V, 60Hz

SDS02.445 | Fan Unit SDS-M0440 with Housing, 220/230V, 50/60Hz

SDS02.446 | Fan Unit SDS-M0441 with Housing, 110/120V, 60Hz

SDS-48 Accessories

B30.001 | Smoke Generator with integrated Fan

B30.004 | Starter for Tobacco

B30.006 | Tobakko for Smoke Generator, 500 g

BG01.930 | Hose Fitting 3/4″ male thread, for PVC-hose 13/20mm

BG02.03x | PVC-Hose Socket with Clamps

BG02.861 | Prefilter for SDS-System, SDS-2/6, SDS-48

BG02.908 | Fire Alarm Relay Module for max. 8 Lines, System: SDS-48

E02.005 | External Sounder, B/C 28

E08.803 | Aerosol Test Gas, 250ML

G05.002 | Door Arret, SZ 2519

Z01.002 | Pipe Connector 3/4″female thread, 1/2a x 3/4i

Z02.002 | Flexible Hose (PVC), inner diam. 13 mm

Z02.004 | Flexible Hose with Spiral, inner diam.50 mm

Z02.006 | Flexible Hose green, inner diam.: 50mm

Z02.014 | Hose Clamp, 50-70 mm

Z02.017 | Hose Clamp, 70-90 mm

Z02.018 | Hose Clamp, 90-110 mm

Z02.070 | Flexible Hose green, inner diam.: 63mm

Z02.071 | Flexible Hose green, inner diam.: 75mm

Z02.072 | Flexible Hose green, inner diam.: 90mm

Z03.008 | Adapter Nipple

Z04.003 | PVC-Elbow 90°

Z04.004 | PVC-Elbow 90°

Z04.005 | PVC-Elbow 90°

Z04.006 | PVC-Elbow 90°

Z04.010 | PVC-Tee

Z04.011 | PVC-Tee

Z04.012 | PVC pipe socket

Z05.013 | PVC pipe socket

Z05.018 | PVC pipe socket

Z05.025 | PVC pipe socket

Z07.002 | Vent Check Valve DN 50

Z12.010 | 3-Way-Valve

Z90.001 | PVC-Elbow 90°, with sockets

Z90.010 | PVC-Tee, with hose sockets

Z90.012 | PVC-Reduction

SDS-48 Spare Parts

BG02.001 | Spare Parts Set, stowed inside SDS Pane

BG02.301 | Adapter Module for Repeater Panel

BG02.500 | Control Module for Smoke Detection Panel

BG02.510 | Control Module for Repeater Panel

BG02.600 | Power Supply Module 220/230V

BG02.610 | Power Supply Module 110V/ 115V

BG02.810 | Detector Connection Module, 4 Lines + Extension

BG02.820 | Detector Connection Module, 8 Lines + Extention

BG02.861 | Prefilter for SDS-System, Type: SDS-2/6, SDS-48

BG02.862 | Filter inset, compl. (1 set included 5 pcs), Type: SDS-2/6, SDS-48

E01.003 | Airflow Indicator (Pressure Switch)

E01.004 | Airflow indicator E01.003 with plug and cable BG02.090

E06.101 | Galvanic Isolator EEx, 1 Channel, for SDS-48, KFD0-CS-Ex1.54

E06.102 | Galvanic Isolator EEx, 2 Channels, for SDS-48, KFD0-CS-Ex2.54

E20.002 | Optical Smoke Detector XP95 I.S.

E20.004 | Socket for Smoke Detector

F03.035 | Fuse 6,3A, slow blow 10pcs., Type: 6,3A 5x20mm

F03.111 | Fuse, slow blow, 10 pcs, Type: 250mA 5x20mm 250V

FAN02.017 | Impeller, Steel, for SDS02.440/441

FAN02.035 | Sealing for motor shaft, for SDS02.440

FAN02.036 | Ball bearing for Fan Unit SDS-M0430 / M0440

FAN02.037 | Ball bearing for Fan Unit SDS-M0430 / M0440

FAN02.114 | Capacitor for Fan Unit SDS-M0441, Motor: Hanning

FAN02.116 | Capacitor for Fan Unit SDS-M0440

FAN02.121 | E-Motor,1Ph. 230V, 50/60Hz, Hanning, for Fan Unit, E7KC2B5-7-378

FAN02.131 | E-Motor,1 Ph. 110V,60Hz, E7KC2B5-7-387 

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