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Signaling Devices

Your Partner for Signaling Devices by Federal Signal

Safety At Sea, Oil And Gas, And Land-Based Facilities

Atlas Technologies stands as a beacon of reliability when it comes to ensuring safety in critical environments. Specializing in Federal Signal’s signaling devices, a renowned leader in signaling technology, enables us to offer cutting-edge solutions that meet the stringent safety standards of maritime, oil and gas, and land-based industries.

Federal Signal - Pioneering Safety Through Innovative Signaling Solutions

Federal Signal stands as a global front-runner in revolutionizing safety through its innovative equipment, signaling products, and advanced communication and security systems. With a steadfast commitment to keeping workers, first responders, and communities safe and secure, Federal Signal has established itself as a trusted name in the industry, setting new standards for excellence and reliability.

Comprehensive Range Of Signaling Devices

Elevate safety with Atlas Technologies' comprehensive range of Federal Signal’s signaling devices, including:

  • Audible Alarm Signals: For reliable critical signaling performance in any environment, turn to Federal Signal audible signaling equipment.  Federal Signal offers the widest variety of industrial audible signals – from the iconic SelecTone® line to Horns, Bells, Sirens, Electronic Speaker Amplifiers, Digital Message Centers, and Tone Generators, Federal Signal products can be used in stand-alone or plant-wide system applications.
  • Loudspeakers: Powerful speakers for clear and far-reaching audible warnings.
  • Amplified Speakers: Integrated amplifier and speaker units for increased sound output.
  • Sounders: Compact speakers designed for targeted audible alerts in specific locations.
  • Visual Signals: Regardless of the application – process control, plant safety, or emergency evacuation – Federal Signal provide LED strobe lights and visual signal lights for your requirements. Federal Signal visual signal light selection includes incandescent, strobe, and LED strobe lights that are IP69K Certified, UL/cUL, IECx, and ATEX Listings certified. Select from signal light housings designed for safe areas, hazardous and explosion-proof applications, wide range of mounting options, and various operating voltages. Federal Signal has a visual signal light for every application.
  • Strobe Lights: High-intensity flashing lights for effective visual warnings.
  • LED Warning Lights: Energy-efficient LED lights for visual alerts, available in various colors and patterns.
  • Hearing Impaired Strobe Lights: High-intensity flashing strobe lights that is UL and ULC Fire Listed for hearing impaired applications.
  • Audible/Visual Signals: Federal Signal's Combination Audible and Visual Signals couple its audible technology with a variety of visual signaling solutions, resulting in a single device that provides two-in-one functionality. Federal Signal’s Audible/Visual Signals are suitable for indoor and outdoor Safe Area applications and meet key specifications like NEMA Type 1, Type 3R, and Type 4X, are IP69K compliant, UL/cUL listed, CE certified, and CSA certified models.
  • Initiating Devices: Federal Signal’s initiating devices provide a cost-effective method of activating your emergency equipment, audible and visual fire alarm signaling devices. Federal Signal’s initiating device selection includes multipurpose push button stations and fire alarm pull stations. Each initiating device is designed to be highly visible, minimize installation expense, discourage tampering, and withstand hazardous environments.
  • Public Address Systems: Federal Signal’s Public Address devices allow you to customize a PA System that meets the specific needs of your facility. Using various combinations of Federal Signal high-powered amplifiers, AudioRouters for zoning, tone generators, pre-recorded voice messaging, and AudioMaster® speakers allows a system to be designed for any environment.
  • Intercoms Devices: Federal Signal’s AudioMaster® and Atkinson Dynamics Intercoms are engineered to deliver dependable performance, maximum flexibility, and extended service life under the harshest conditions.  Federal Signal’s intercoms feature wall-mount, two-way, desktop, safe area, and hazardous environment intercoms. 
  • Industrial Telephony Devices: Federal Signal’s telephony products range from its popular explosion-proof industrial telephone with industrial ringers perfect for hazardous environments to its extended industrial ringer devices for manufacturing facilities.

Atlas Technologies: Your Signaling Device Experts

With our extensive selection of Federal Signal’s products and dedicated customer service, Atlas Technologies is your ideal partner for all your signaling needs. We can help you with:

  • Selecting the right signaling devices for your specific application and environment.
  • Designing and installing a comprehensive warning system.
  • Maintaining and servicing your signaling devices.

Committed To Sustainability

Beyond safety, we prioritise sustainable practices. We work with manufacturers who share our commitment in minimizing environmental impact while delivering the best possible products.

Atlas Technologies: Your Partner For A Safer Environment

At Atlas Technologies, we recognize the critical role signaling devices play in safeguarding lives, assets, and the environment across various industries. With our unwavering commitment to quality and safety, coupled with Federal Signal's cutting-edge technology, we provide unmatched signaling solutions tailored to your specific needs. Partner with us to elevate safety standards and achieve regulatory compliance with confidence.


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