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Protecting People and Assets with Tyco FLAMEVision’s Fast, Reliable and Accurate High Performance Flame Detection Solution

Safeguarding Lives and Assets with Tyco Flame Vision

Atlas Technologies provides high-performance flame detection solutions, powered by Tyco Flame Vision technology. Our commitment to reliability and innovation ensures fast, reliable, and accurate fire detection systems, protecting people, assets, and the environment across the Marine, Offshore, Oil & Gas, and Energy industries.

The Tyco Flame Detection System Advantage

High-hazard vessels such as oil tankers demand best-in-class fire protection products where the cargoes being transported are subject to high risk of fire.

Solutions must be easy to implement and stay ahead of the curve. The appearance of flames on a vessel must be quickly detected and accurately pinpointed to alert personnel and trigger rapid action to be taken.

Tyco FLAMEVision is a global brand synonymous with innovative detection technologies in special hazard applications and hazardous areas.

Tyco flagship FV300 flame detector provides industry-leading flame detection performance using IR Array technology to eliminate false alarms and provide positional data on the hazard. Integration of video cameras into the products also extends the applications to verification and remote-control solutions. 

FLAMEVision products provide a superior detection solution for industrial, petrochemical, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, and specialty applications.

The FLAMEVision flame detectors use patented IR array and triple IR solar blind technologies to provide reliable and cost-effective fire detection solutions. FLAMEVision can be trusted in high-dependency situations where fast-acting and accurate flame detection is essential. Tyco FLAMEVision detectors offer superior performance in all weather conditions and all lighting situations with the added benefit of fire event location information provided by the IR array.

Tyco FLAMEVision can protect all hydrocarbon risks in non-hazardous and classified hazardous explosive atmospheres. There is a wide range of system design options available, including several monitoring and control interface types and, an integrated video camera for verification purposes. Installation and maintenance procedures are easy and efficient, minimising the lifetime cost of ownership and reducing the need for complex test equipment and high-level operator training. 

Tyco has a market-leading track record when it comes to delivering optimal safety via innovative products through its reliable and highly sophisticated products and technology. Atlas Technologies offers the following Tyco products:

  • FLAMEVision FV300 Series Array Based IR Flame Detectors (FV311S, FV311SCN, FV311SC): The FLAMEVision FV300 uses infra-red array-based sensing technology to provide the ultimate programmable flame detector.
  • FLAMEVision FV400 Series Triple IR Solar Blind Detectors (FV411F, FV412F, FV413F, FV421I): The FLAMEVision FV400 detectors use Triple IR Solar Blind sensing technology and flame detection algorithms to provide high performance flame detection capabilities for hydrocarbon fires.
  • 811FEx and 601FEx-M Solar Blind Marine Flame Detector: The addressable 811FEx and conventional 601FEx-M intrinsically safe flame detectors provide a cost-effective solution to provide flame detection with a high degree of false alarm immunity for applications in hazardous marine atmospheres.

Atlas Technologies: Your Fire Detection System Experts

Beyond providing a full range of Tyco Fire Detection Systems, Atlas Technologies offers:

  • Expert advice on selecting the right fire detection system solution for your specific application. Trust Atlas Technologies for expert advice, system design, and ongoing support for Tyco fire detection systems. Ensure optimal fire detection coverage tailored to your specific needs.
  • System design and implementation to ensure comprehensive fire detection coverage.
    We also provide system design and implementation services to guarantee comprehensive fire detection coverage tailored to your requirements. Our experienced professionals work closely with you to design and install systems that meet your safety goals and regulatory standards.
  • Ongoing maintenance and support to keep your fire detection system functioning optimally. Our proactive approach helps prevent issues and ensures continuous protection for your assets and personnel.

Atlas Technologies: Committed to Sustainability

Discover how Atlas Technologies prioritises environmental responsibility in fire detection solutions. Partner with us to minimise environmental impact.

Atlas Technologies is dedicated to sustainability, making it a cornerstone of our business ethos. We collaborate with manufacturers who align with our commitment to reducing environmental impact while providing top-tier fire detection solutions.

At Atlas Technologies, we recognize the importance of preserving the environment while ensuring safety. That's why we carefully select partners who share our values and prioritize eco-friendly practices in their manufacturing processes.

By partnering with Atlas Technologies, you're not only investing in effective fire detection solutions but also supporting environmentally responsible initiatives. Join us in our mission to create a safer world while minimizing our carbon footprint.

Choose Atlas Technologies for sustainable fire detection solutions that prioritise both safety and environmental responsibility. Contact us today to learn more about our commitment to sustainability and how we can meet your fire detection needs.

Safeguard Your Environment with Atlas Technologies

At Atlas Technologies, we are committed to providing top-notch flame detection solutions to ensure the safety of your world. With a comprehensive range of Tyco products designed to meet the diverse needs of various industries, we prioritise safety with peace of mind in high-risk environments.

Contact Atlas Technologies today to discuss your flame detection needs and explore our comprehensive range of Tyco products. Partner with Atlas Technologies and join us in our mission to create a safer environment for all.

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