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Elevate Fire Safety With Our Fire Alarm Test Equipment

Protecting What Matters Most

When it comes to fire safety, trust is paramount. Atlas Technologies stands as your reliable partner, offering a comprehensive range of fire alarm test equipment tailored to meet the unique needs of the maritime industry, oil and gas sector, and land-based facilities. With our commitment to quality and efficiency, we safeguard what matters most - people, assets, and the environment.

Our Fire Alarm Test Equipment Categories:

  • Solo Detector Testers: Designed for ease of use and safety, Solo testers eliminate the need for ladders and climbing. This comprehensive range covers testing for smoke, heat, and CO detectors, including multi-sensor and aspirating smoke detection systems. Solo access poles come in various lengths to reach detectors at different heights.
  • Testifire Detector Testers: Advanced testing solutions for fire alarm professionals. Testifire testers offer functionalities like sequential or simultaneous testing of smoke, heat, and CO sensors within a multi-sensor detector, saving time and simplifying the process. Testifire models may also include features like data logging and advanced diagnostics.
  • Scorpion: Remote detector test technology, Scorpion is the solution for testing hard-to-access detectors. Suitable for both Point and Aspirating Smoke Detection (ASD) systems, Scorpion ensures all smoke detectors can be tested – regardless of location. Scorpion makes testing smoke detectors in lift shafts, warehouses, ceiling voids and secure areas as simple as testing detectors within easy reach.
  • Detector Test Equipment: This broader category encompasses various detector testing tools.
  • Senseware Flame Detector Test Lamps: The Senseware line offers UV/IR flame detector test lamps, essential for simulating fire sources and testing the functionality of flame detectors. These lamps are:
    • Universal: Compatible with most UV and single-frequency IR flame detectors.
    • Long range: Effective even at a distance, thanks to their powerful UV and IR energy source.

Your Trusted Partner For Fire Safety And Sustainability

We are driven by a mission to prevent injuries by eliminating fire incidents. Fire alarm test equipment that empowers you to ensure your systems function properly, keeping everyone safe.

Atlas Technologies: Committed To Sustainability

Beyond fire safety, we prioritize sustainable practices. We strive to minimize our environmental impact while delivering the best possible products and services.

Let Atlas Technologies be your partner in fire safety and sustainability. Our team is dedicated to understanding your unique needs and providing customized solutions that exceed your expectations. Whether you operate in the maritime industry or oil and gas sector, we have the expertise and products to help you achieve your goals. Explore our range of fire alarm test equipment today and experience the Atlas difference.

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