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Autronica Fire & Security

Your Partner for Safety at Sea.

Interactive fire and gas detection systems for any application at sea and in the petrochemical oil, and gas industry. A long-standing market player offering fire detection systems designed to withstand the rigours of the maritime environment. A broad range of smoke detectors, head detectors and multisensors are available to meet your needs.

  • Autronica Autroprime control panels
  • Autronica Autrosafe control panels
  • Autronica BHH 200 series detectors: Standard
  • Autronica BHH 300 series detectors: With SelfVerify
  • Autronica BHH 500 series detectors: With SelfVerify, environmentally protected
  • Autronica 300 series with SelfVerify, interactive addressable manual call points.
  • Autronica 500 series with SelfVerify, interactive addressable manual call points for use in special environments.
  • Autronica BZ-500 galvanic isolator
  • Autronica WBJ series smoke/heat testing equipment/ aerosol test gas

Cerberus PRO Marine Fire and Detection

Robust Design for Protection of Equipment In Harsh Climates and Environments.

Cerberus installations provides the ideal fire safety solution for any application area. Its detectors are equipped with highly advanced technology to ensure maximum safety and optimal protection with no false alarms. Let Siemens Cerberus PRO be your answer for infrastructure today.

  • Cerberus Conventional Devices
    OP121, OH121, HI121, TM121, DT-135WP, DT-200WP, DB-11, DI-3
  • Cerberus Addressable Devices
    FDCIO422, OP921, HI921, OH921, OOH941, OOHC941

Elomek Electromagnetic Door Holders and Release

Ruggedly Constructed, Attractively Designed.

Arguably the single most important fire safety mechanism, electromagnetic door holders guard against the lethal spread of toxic smoke and fumes, by far the greatest cause of death in fire situations. They enable fire and smoke doors to be kept open whilst under everyday use, but to automatically close when a fire alarm or smoke alarm is activated.

  • Elomek door magnet:
    711, 712, GP, GPT, 710, 711, 712, GP, GPM, GPT, 720, 720M,
    720T, 721, 721M, 721T, GP, GPT, GP, GPT, 720, 720T, 721, 721T
  • Elomek armature:
    AG, 718, 719, 722
  • Elomek console:
    407, 408
  • Elomek separate switch:

Eltek Fire & Safety

When Business Continuity is Paramount.

Eltek Fire & Safety/ Esser fire detection system will ensure business continuity and freedom from nuisance alarms.  The system is capable of adapting to the unique characteristics of any given environment. It is the product chosen when reliable performance is crucial.

  • Eltek ES Line/FACP Compact control panels
  • Eltek IQ8 control panels
  • Eltek Series ES Detect detectors and bases
  • Eltek Series IQ8Quad detectors and bases
  • Eltek IQ8 manual callpoint
  • Eltek Delta range detectors:
    802371, 802374, 802375, 802473, 802171, 802382, 802383, 802384, 802385, 805590, 805591, 805572, 251604.08, 251604.09, 251604.02, 251604.03, 251604.04, 251604.01, 235562, 242963.01, 242963, 243019.01, 251811.10, 234921, 234922, 234924, 234925, 234923, 235562, 243019.02, 251811, 07099, 235525

Hanshin Electronics

In the field of navigation, communication and electronics of ship’s with creative mind.

Hanshin makes efforts to stand at the forefront of global shipbuilding equipment companies by continuously seeking changes such as receiving the type approval of the classification of production products.

  • Hanshin marine telephones, sound powered telephones
  • Hanshin public address systems
  • Hanshin BNWAS


Fire Detection for Your Safety.

Vast experience with fire detection and fire alarm systems.

  • Hekatron detectors:
    ORM-130, ORM130Ay, ORM-140, SCD-563, SCD-573, SSD-521, SSD-531
  • Hekatron detector bases:
    143A, 143AF, 143AW, 143AF

Minerva Marine

A Tradition of Fire Detection Innovation.

Integrating years of product innovation through research and development, Minerva Marine’s MX technology has provided some of the best sensing technologies over decades and has been a great contributor to early detection and minimizing false alarms. Minerva Marine’s range of products are resilient, reliable and serviceable.

  • Minerva MX fire alarm panels, T1000 Series, T008, T1016 control panels
  • Minerva fire detectors: 600 Series, 800 Series
  • Manual callpoint: CP820, CP830 MCP, CP920, CP930
  • Ancillaries: Input/Output Modules, PSU power supply modules.


A Global Pioneer at the Forefront of the International Fire Protection Industry.

Nittan prides itself in providing with dedicated service and optimum fire safety solutions.

  • Nittan fire alarm control panels
  • Nittan evolution range of detectors:
  • Nittan detector bases:

Nohmi Bosai

Established Integrated Fire Protection Service.

Nohmi Bosai’s fire detection products are manufactured under a strict quality control system. An evidence of its commitment to quality is the certification of our Menuma factory under ISO 9002- an internationally recognized standard for quality systems.

  • Nohmi Bosai conventional and addressable fire control panel
  • Nohmi Bosai fire detectors:
    FDS511, FDS511B, FDS512, FDS512B-J, FDK511B, FDK512B-J,
    FDK512, FDK552B, FDS551B, FDS523-I, FDL511B-J-65, FDL511B-65,
    FDL551B, FDL515-IW-65,
  • Nohmi Bosai ancillaries: FMM517, FMM557, Plexi Glass


Your Advantage In Flame and Gas Detection.

Known for outstanding quality and reliability, Omniguard detectors are being used in a wide variety of high-risk fire protection applications.

  • Omniguard flame detectors:
    660 UV flame detector, 860 UV/IR flame detector, 760 spectrum IR flame detector
  • Omniguard gas detectors:
    1100, 2100, 3100


Stay Safe Onboard with Salwico – Consilium Safety.

Consilium commits to being a producer of safety technologies for the marine industry.

  • Salwico Conventional fire detection systems
  • Salwico Addressable fire detection systems
  • Salwico detectors: EVC-PY-IS, EC-P, EC-H/A1R, EC-H/BS, EC-H/A2S, HC100 D, HC100 IS, HC100 A2-IS, AC-IR-3FQ, EVC-IR, EC-PH/A1R, DOS3, N1115, EV-P, EV-H/CS, EV-H/A1R, EV-H/CS, EV-H/A1R, EV-H/C, EV-H/A1R, EV-PH, CS-PYH
  • Salwico bases: UB6, 5100774-00,


We Will Do our Best to Create a Good Product.

The company produces an extensive range of GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress and Safety System), fire detection and alarm systems, and magnetic compasses.

  • Saracom fire detection, T1000, T2000
  • Saracom detectors: 600 Series, 800 Series
  • Saracom manual callpoint: CP820, CP830 MCP, CP920, CP930
  • Saracom GMDSS, EPIRB, radio telephone
  • Saracom air whistle/ electric whistle
  • Saracom navigation equipment
  • Saracom magnetic compass


Keeping You Safe.

A leader and manufacturer for fire fighting systems & safety equipment. It has taken its expertise & experience into the worldwide market to establish a reputation for excellence and customer support.

  • Seaplus fire detection and alarm: JB-QB-4508

  • Seaplus detectors:
    JTY-GD-3100, JTY-GD-501, JTW-ZD-501, JTY-GF-501H, JTW-ZD-3100, JTW-ZD-5i, LI3100, APP24-4

Senseware, The Flame Detector Company

No. 1 Flame Detectors Trusted by Industries Worldwide

Looking for a Universal UV, IR and UV/IR Flame Detector Test Lamp?  The T-229/4P Flame detector Test Kit activates UV, IR en UV/IR Flame detector equipment that work at 185-235 nm UV and wide band IR radiation.

  • Universal T-229/4P UV/IR flame detector test lamp (Safe area usage)
  • BATT4P replacement battery


Major Supplier of Fire Detection Systems for the Maritime Market.

Detect smoke, heat and flame in an instant.

  • ServoFighter C4, ServoMaster system, BMS 904 system
  • Servoteknikk detectors:
    ORM-130, ORM-140, IRM131UTD531-2, STKR-70, SWM-1KL, NS-DHG1, NS-DIS2, ST-I-IS, STMV-70

Thorn Security

Outstanding, Diverse Security Capabilities.

For many years, Thorn Security has been providing each customer with the most suitable fire protection for their needs.

  • Thorn Security fire alarm panels, T1000 Series, T008, T1016 control panels
  • Thorn Security fire detectors: 600 Series, 800 Series
  • Thorn Security callpoint: CP820, CP830 MCP, CP920, CP930


Technologies that prevent disasters by giving users time to respond before life, critical infrastructure or business continuity is compromised.

Customers worldwide rely on Vesda when business continuity is imperative, environments are challenging, and time is required to ensure safe and orderly evacuation.

  • Vesda Aspirating Smoke Detection
  • Vesda Laser Industrial Aspirating Smoke Detector (VLI)
  • Vesda LaserFocus Aspirating Smoke Detector (VLF)
  • Vesda-E Aspirating Smoke Detection

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