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Discover how Customers in these diverse global market sectors turn to Atlas as a trusted partner.
Our reputation is built upon a common culture, robust management practises, a commitment to safety and an effective service delivery. This expertise has been developed from years of experience operating in some of the harshest marine & offshore environments.

We Keep You Sailing
Working in the challenging world of the marine industry, you demand a supplier who contributes to improving efficiency and safety. You need innovative solutions and intelligent systems that deliver reliable performance. By choosing Atlas, your job just got a whole lot easier. We offer a comprehensive range of fire safety products for detection, suppression and protection as well as communication solutions. We are passionately committed to help marine industry customers improve their business operations and achieve their safety and security goals.

Oil & Gas
New Heights Below Sea Level
In oil and gas operations, safety should be of the utmost importance. Particularly in the onshore drilling market, activity levels can change rapidly. Proper equipment maintenance can have a significant impact on the rig owner’s safety and costs. An effective maintenance strategy saves time and money by helping to prevent unnecessary equipment repairs and failures down the road. Understanding the unique challenges of the oil and gas industry allows Atlas to exceed customer expectations and industry standards.

Protect Your Valuable Assets
Safeguarding our property is vital in keeping our buildings safe and enabling business continuity. Effective fire alarms and fire detection systems prevent damages and increase property value. Gas monitoring safeguards building occupants and assets, improve indoor air quality and prevent untimely business disruptions. Almost anywhere that people gather for work or leisure, there is a potential risk of exposure to fire or gases. It is therefore critical to protect people and comply with legal requirements. By making these environments smart and sustainable, we enable performance and people’s well-being. At Atlas, we provide you with smart systems and solutions, designed to assure you that keeping you safe is our priority.

For a Brighter Energy Future
Underground and deep-sea deposits contain fuel sources for the energy sector such as coal, oil, and gas, as well as minerals and metals that are valuable to the manufacturing industries. Embracing innovative technologies and an intelligent energy mix can do wonders for your operating expenditures. Invest in optimizing your operations – and be ready for the future.

Health & Safety
A Solution to Fit Your Needs
We value the health and wellness of people. Health and wellness resources that both inform and educate are available. Taking advantage of them heightens awareness and assists in maintaining and improving health. Ultimately, it leads to a healthier, safer workplace.

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