Federal Signal Intercoms

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Intercoms are a means of providing two-way voice communications for safe and efficient operation. Federal Signal intercoms comes with superior sound quality and are suited to meet the demands of oil refineries, petrochemical plants, offshore platforms, pulp and paper mills. 

Federal Signal AudioMaster® and Atkinson Dynamic Intercoms are engineered to deliver dependable performance, maximum flexibility and extended service life under the harshest conditions. The modular design enables you to specify a system with an unlimited number of stations, to customize a system for the variety of environments within your facility and to expand your system in the future.

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Order Example * Refer to datasheet

  • 310-MV AudioMaster® Two-Way Intercom 310-MV
  •   310X-MV AudioMaster® Hazardous Location Two-Way Intercom 310X-MV
  • 310-MV-MNC AudioMaster® Two-way Intercom with Noise Canceling Microphone 310-MV-MNC
  • AD-SF-25, AD-SS-25, AD-SO-25 Atkinson Dynamics Non-Amplified Speakers AD-SF-25 / AD-SS-25 / AD-SO-25
  •   AD-28X-MV Atkinson Dynamics Hazardous Location Wall Mount Intercom AD-28X-MV
  • AD-26, AD-27, AD-56 and AD-57 Atkinson Dynamics Wall Mount Intercoms AD-27 + Optional Features
  • AD-26P, AD-27P and AD-56P Atkinson Dynamics Panel Mount Intercoms AD-26P + Optional Features
  • ADNCM Atkinson Dynamics Noise Canceling Microphone ADNCM
  • ADFP Atkinson Dynamics Foot Pedal ADFP
  • LPSP and LP3S Auxiliary Strobe Light LP3P-012-048A / LP3S-012-048A
  • ECHO Central Control Digital Intercom and Communication System ECHO-8S, ECHO-48
  • ECHO E-DD1 and E-DD2 Single and Dual Direct Dial Sub-Stations E-DD1 / E-DD2
  • ECHO E-DSM and E-DSMG Desktop or Wall Mount Intercom Stations E-DSM / E-DSMG
  • ECHO E-MDS and E-MDSG Administrative Master Stations E-MDS / E-MDSMG
  • ECHO EWP Series Weather Proof Digital Intercom Station EWP-HND-C / EWP-HND-S / EWP-JS / EWP-SM / EWP-GM1 / EWP-GM2 / EWP-GM3
  • ECHO EZ1 Series Zone 1 Digital Intercom Station EZ1-HND-C / EZ1-HND-S / EZ1-JS / EZ1-SM / EZ1-GM1 / EZ1-GM2 / EZ1-GM3
  •   ECHO E2 Series Hazardous Location Digital Intercom Station E2-HND / E2-SM / E2-HDS / E2-HND-4X / E2-SM-4X / E2-HDS-4X / E2-GM1 / E2-GM2 / E2-GM3  
  •   ECHO E1 Series Explosion-Proof Digital Intercom Stations for UL and cUL Applications E1-HND / E1-JS / E1-HND-4X / E1-SM-4X / E1-HDS-4X / E1-SM / E1-GM1 / E1-GM2 / E1-GM3
  •   ECHO E1-EX Series Explosion-Proof Digital Intercom Station forATEX/IEC Applications E1-HND-EX / E1-JS-EX / E1-SM-EX / E1-GM1-EX / E1-GM2-EX / E1-GM3-EX
  • Accessories Headet (K137200A-0) | Hardhat Compatible Headset (K137200A-02) | 10m Headset Extension Cord (K1751234A) | Handset with 2.5m to 15m Curly Cord [Detachable] (K8601272A) | Potted Relay Assembly (EZ1 K8601241A)

  Hazardous location models

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