Flue Gas Analyzers

Flue Gas Analysers

Established in 1975, the Telegan brand is well known for its associate with flue gas analysers and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) related products. Acquired by Crowcon’s parent company Halma plc in 1993, Telegan has now been fully integrated into Crowcon and benefits from the same quality, engineering and customer support capabilities.

Today’s range of products is focused on portable flue gas analysis and complimentary leak detection products. Leading this is the Sprint Pro, which is the market leader in the UK and is the unit most often used by British Gas for domestic boiler set up and servicing.

                                                 Sprint Pro Professional Combustion Analyzer


Sprint Pro is a professional grade flue gas analyzer, with powerful features tailored to today’s HVAC professional, robust design, a full selection of supplied useful accessories and a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Designed and manufactured by Crowcon in Oxfordshire, Sprint Pro is the market leader in the UK and the unit most often used by British Gas for domestic boiler set up and servicing.

Sprint Pro is BSI tested to EN50379-1:2012 & EN50379-3:2012 and is suitable for engineers working with BS7967:2015.

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Professional Water Trap

Remove the lost time and high expense of equipment damage by design, with our professional grade integrated water trap. Made from impact resistant polycarbonate and featuring heavy duty water and dust filtering, as well as easily removable and washable filters which save money on maintenance and increase equipment availability

Robust Design

Reduce downtime due to broken or faulty equipment with our extremely robust analyzer. Built from the same material as motorcycle crash helmets, it can withstand whatever is thrown at it in the challenging environments in which you work.

Positive Click Connector

Get correct operation each and every time with our positive click connector. Our unique robust connector design ensures a correct and secure connection between probe and device every time. When the job is done a simple thumb push button releases the probe.

Gas Escape Probe

Not just efficiency but safety too! Find customers gas leaks with our added probe. All our Sprint Pro’s come with gas escape probes as standard, they can be used to detect any leaks in the furnace vicinity or elsewhere. Get the accurate readings your customers require with our Slim line head design which allows easy access to all required spaces big or small.

USB-C Connection

Never run out of charge unexpectedly or lose any of your important test reports. This latest generation USB-C connection and included USB-C cable, give easy charging at home or on the go, and also allow super-fast transfer of stored reports to the free-to-download Sprint Pro USB PC software.

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