Ultrasonic Testing
Delivering the Safesite® and Safeship®

Winners of the Queens’s award 2019. Continuous innovation is at heart of Coltraco’s success.

Coltraco Ultrasonics Testing Equipment – Helping companies improve safety worldwide, for people, assets and infrastructure across various market sectors. Benefit from ‘better, faster and cheaper’ across our core technologies for level, integrity, thickness, flow, acoustic and pressure testing.

Our Mission Is To Help You Deliver The Safesite® And Safeship®.

Coltraco is dedicated to improving safety for not only people, but also assets and infrastructure on land and at sea globally.
They specialise in designing and manufacturing products that help with liquid level indication,
seal integrity,flow rate monitoring, thickness gauging and bearing for a variety of sectors.

Coltraco Ultronics
Home to an extensive range of ultrasonic instrumentation and constant monitoring systems.
Ultrasonic products across level, seal, thickness, flow and acoustics.
Saves you time, cost and risk.


With 30 years of experience, Coltraco designs accurate handheld portable inspection products and now manufactures constant liquid level…

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Improve seal testing with Coltraco’s powerful ultrasonic watertight integrity indicators. Designed to test watertight and weathertight seals reliably so…

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Measure flow rate in pipes simply and accurately with Coltraco. Their ultrasonic flow meters are a non-invasive tool equipped with sensors that are…

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Coltraco’s ultrasonic thickness gauge tools are a simple and reliable way to measure thickness gauge. Using single echo technology, get the highest accuracy even when inspecting corroded surfaces.

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A quick and easy way to check lubrication and bearing wear and tear on rotating machinery. Coltraco’s condition monitoring tool uses acoustic emission technology which provides better results compared to vibration monitoring. Suitable for use on pumps…

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