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NHE-OKI – Caring for Your Safety

Nippon Hakuyo Electronics (NHE) has had many years of patronage with companies in shipbuilding, shipping, and other maritime-related businesses. Our company’s products, NHE-Oki are used in a wide variety of applications, including navigation, communications, and safety. We are a trusted supplier of maritime electronics and offer a complete line of products to meet the needs […]

Launching Integrated Level – Flow – Pressure Range

We are excited to launch our first integrated Level – Flow – Pressure Range of Portasonic® 2.FL0 ultrasonic handheld flow meter, Portatank® handheld ultrasonics tank level indicator, Portasonic® CALCULATOR handheld flow to pressure tablet-based calculator and Permaflow® constant flow monitoring system.  Portatank® liquid level in tanks 0.5-15m diameter Portasonic® 2.FL0 clamp-on flow meter for pipes […]

Solo 365 Detector Testers: Completely Familiar, Entirely Innovative

Solo 365 takes everything expected from a Solo product, pairs it with the very latest technology and wraps it in a new modern slim-line design. It’s lighter to use, quicker to test, suitable for more applications and almost impossible to over-apply. Solo 365 is the latest addition to the Solo range. Using non-hazardous, environmentally-friendly cartridges […]

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