About Us

We don’t just imagine a safer world, we help create it.

We have built a stable foundation over the past decade.
We learnt from our previous experiences and safeguard the traditions that have built our brand.
Since inception, we have followed a couple of fundamental values to shape our operations.

A Pioneering Spirit

We take courage to make new pathways. Technical, organisational and financial, without risking our assets.

Atlas is committed to innovate the industry with technology and new concepts which will make us the preferred partner to realise any sale and purchase demands. Our reputation is built upon a common culture, robust management practises, a commitment to safety and an effective service delivery. This expertise has been developed from years of experience operating in some of the harshest marine & offshore environments.

Our Values

Our values embody the spirit and energy of Atlas at its best.
They help us set direction, and they guide our decisions and actions.
Our values express the ideals we strive to live up to every day.

Customer Care

We are in business to help you thrive, even in challenging times.
Our promise to provide you with quality products and services, committed to excellence.

Quality and Safety

To drive our success, prevent injuries by eliminating incidents.
We contribute to the economic and social wellbeing of the communities in which we work.
We think and operate sustainably with minimal environmental impact.

Our People

Our employees are the energy that drives us forward.
Their commitment, expertise and diversity are the key to Atlas’s success.


We are committed to comply with both national and international environmental regulations.
We encourage our business partners to reduce their environmental impact.

Engineered for your sustainability.