A Safer World with Tyco’s Products

Tyco is a global leader in providing comprehensive fire detection solutions, with a total capability approach that seeks to provide you with peace of mind in a world that is constantly changing. The products made available at Tyco ensures the safety of both yourself and your assets.

Tyco’s fire detection products have been developed to meet the demands of today’s standards while also complying with evolving marine requirements including environmental issues, local regulations, and more.

Atlas Technologies Corporation is committed to continual innovation. We have a long history of cultivating new technologies and concepts that have made us the preferred partner to many establishments within the industry and beyond. We continue to push the boundaries of what is possible, and our dedication to innovation is what sets us apart from our competitors. We never settle for complacency and seek new ways to improve upon existing products and services.

Here at Atlas Technologies Corporation, we provide global marine solutions and services from sea to port. We are your one-stop provider when it comes to Fire, Security, and Life Safety. We specialise in fire detection, fire protection, gas detection, and service & maintenance solutions. Our expansive catalogue of products and systems combined with our special marine expertise makes us the only source that you will ever need to protect people and ships from the hazards of fire.

The matter of where is simply trivial. We will get the work done regardless of the location, we are only one call away.

Atlas Technologies Corporation has teams that are capable of providing world-class services, assisting both local and global clients. Our global services and maintenance operations are designed to meet the challenges of conducting both planned and reactive services, as well as maintenance visits at sea, port, or the dry dock.

In any case of inquiries or assistance, we have a dedicated multi disciplined team of experienced engineers who are prepared to provide our clients with 24-7 support. Our solid long-term customer relationships are based on our consistent ability to meet the shipping industry’s demands through the operational lifetime of a vessel.Once installed, operational system can then be integrated or coordinated with clients to further improve efficiency.

Crucial onboard equipment is constantly subjected to changes in climate, temperature, and vibrations that can cause the unexpected breakdown of equipment. In any given case, our dedicated service and maintenance teams will respond immediately in providing local assistance. It is our mission to have all equipment operating as intended while minimizing the number of disruptions to the vessel’s schedule.

Atlas Technologies Corporation has an unrivalled product portfolio that is fully supported by comprehensive stock holding to meet our client’s expectations and needs. We are appreciative of the amount of trust that has been allocated to us by our partners and because of that, exceeding their expectations is only natural for us. Our focus remains steadfast on quality and innovation, which has brought us this far in becoming one of the leading suppliers of engineering products and services.  It is with great pride and joy that we offer our clients a one-stop shop for all their engineering needs.

Whether it be at sea or inland, we can offer you:

  • Fire Protection

Fire detection, fire sprinklers, water mist, and other extinguishing systems for special hazards.

  • Life Safety

Gas detection, general alarm, personal breathing devices.

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